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Bank Reporting System (Treports™)

Bank Reporting System (Treports™)
Bank  usually looking to generate operation, Business and on demand reports by using fasting approach and not affect the performance for core banking system or any other system inside the bank  and take in consideration for the below needs:

Local experience and Know how.
Reporting Business Requirements will be increase year by year.
Complex regularity reporting needs and format.
Complicated requirements from business users.
Arabic reports Layout’s and format.
Operation reports starting consuming the application server resources and impact operation performance.
Operation report will be impact normal operation day’s
Loads for IT resources.
Report archiving
TReport™ (BanKCube™ Report Engine) is a comprehensive reporting engine generates bilingual reports in PDF and Excel format for operational, Journal, Regulatory and on demand reports.


Treports™ has user-friendly Web interface for dynamic reports building from scratch.
Treports™ is highly configurable system that configures business reporting needs and generates report related documentation covering report description, features and structure
Treports™ can schedule reports generation and send the outcome as PDF of Excel attachments to predefined eMails or eMail groups. Big size reports could be compressed.
Treports™ enable user to filter the outcome of on demand report.
Treports™ has full users control for reports access and filtrations.
Treports™ layout could be generated based on the end user predefined language
Treports™ is real-time data feed reports generation engine.
Treports™ does not need for any staging area
Treports™ archives the generated reports
Treports™ has full security logs for access and generated reports