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Data Sanitization System (DSS™)

Data Sanitization System(BC-DSS™)

BC-DSS™ is the process of protecting sensitive information in non-production databases from inappropriate visibility. After sanitization, the database remains perfectly usable - the look-and-feel is preserved - but the information content is secured.

BC-DSS™ system provides a simple, repeatable method of scrambling data in any kind of non-production systems.

BC-DSS™ is working on Scrambling or Masking or Removal or Truncating or Replacing  of specific sensitive fields in all non-production environments NPEs (UAT, Test, DEV) databases for Banks or Companies , where nobody can reverse back to original. Covering customer, staff or cardholder defined data that are selected from any production environment to be used in NPE.

BC-DSS™ Cover below out of the box sanitization functions:

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