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T24 Data & Migration Reconciliation (Trecon™)

Trecon™ is Comprehensive solution for T24 implementation and upgrades that reconcile multi sources with T24 destination based on defined rules to generate gaps report.

The solution has multiple options

Option1: used to reconcile two T24 environments for parameters and configurations (apple to apple)

Option2: used to reconcile data migration between Legacy system and new T24 core system covering financial and static data using business and mapping rules

Option3: used for T24 upgrades to reconcile data migration between T24 old version with new T24 version covering parameters and configuration in addition to financial and static data using mapping rules.

Reconciliation Engine reads source systems data elements and T24 destination data elements in addition to the defined migration rules (if needed) then run reconciliation to generate gaps report for fixing.

Migration Reconciliation work as separate activity and Quality Gate to confirm that data migration has been done properly based on predefined business and mapping rules