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Trade Finance Solution and Portal (BTR™)

Bank Trade (BTR™) and Bank Cash (BCS™) -  Solutions Scope Of Business
Trade Portal Covers international trading for incoming and outgoing business for Letter of Credit  (Export LC, Import LC, and LC Advices),  Documentary Collection, and guarantee business; including Business Process Model for LC, DC, and guarantee operations inside the bank and inside the corporate customer. 

Trade Portal Covers local trading for local guarantee including related letters and advices for applicants and beneficiaries; including Business Process Model for all types of Guarantee Operations involving applicant and beneficiaries and 3rd parties. 

Cash portal covers full account management, Liquidity Management (Notional Pooling, Sweeping, Standing Orders), Transfers Management (bulk transfers, Dividends,  Rates , Beneficiaries), Payment Management (Payroll, Payroll Cards, Prepaid Cards, Utilities Payment, Pay People, Beneficiaries), Cards Management (transactions, statements, payments), Cheque Management (registration, stopping, positive pay, status), Bulk Transactions Management (transfers and payments), Requests  (Loans, Time Deposit, Cheque, ...etc), Special Process (Dividends Management,  POS Management), and single/multiple/cross currencies.

Corporate portals cover all corporate customers’ sizes (multi affiliates, large, SMEs)

Corporate trade solution follows SWIFT standards for validations, processing , and payments.

Corporate portals cover special services like B2B business and documents delivery. 

Corporate portals involve customer’s operations, bank’s operations and any 3rd party operations covering any corporate, exporter, importer, drawer, drawee, applicant, beneficiary and 3rd parties.