BankCube™ has completed its trade finance solutions for local and international trading covering LC, LG and DC for incoming and outgoing business including processing its related SWIFT messages, letters and advices.

Supply Chain Finance Functionalities implementation including Discounting, Factoring and Forfaiting; are in progress.

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Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

CEO Message
Corporate Services (Large or SME) always looking for strong, secured, fast, scalable and flexible business operations with the banks. Corporate time to market business is very important; it needs solid business services from the banks to enable smooth operation processes inside and outside the country. Corporate is looking for doing its all business from its premises with very minimal travelling to bank branches. Banks is looking for minimizing or eliminating the operation risk, minimize operation cost, process automation, increase profit, increase accuracy, increase productivity, minimize human mistakes and increase the control over all corporate business processes.

Security and Accuracy are always the first concern of banks and corporate. They want to make sure that transactions are done within controlled framework that satisfies country regulations and rules. Banks are required to follow Central Bank guidelines of doing transactions and also it should following international regulations and standards for international business of trade and fund movements.

Based on all above, BankCube™ has built its base. BankCube™ has plan for next few years to be the best provider for corporate services for banking industry. BankCube™ team understand banking business, banking operations, banking technologies, local clearing, international payments, SWIFT, SARIE, Corporate operation needs, Integration needs, automation needs ...etc. We have built our company based on the following mission and vision...

Mission & Vision
   Current Mission

“Build strong corporate services solutions for the banking industry based on solid business model development of trade finance and cash management”..

   Our Vision

“To be the best provider of highly automated corporate services solutions for the banking industry by linking corporate processes with bank processes as a single coherent process; to thus cut operation costs, increase profit and maintain strong security for each bank and corporation involved in the service”.